Elant Announces New Community Initiatives
Training and recreational programs made possible by local grants
GOSHEN, N.Y. (March15, 2012) – Elant, the Hudson Valley’s premier provider of senior health care and housing solutions, is pleased to announce it has received grants for two new programs: ballroom dance classes for seniors has been funded, in part, by Orange County Tourism and the County of Orange; also, CPR training for Elant staff has been granted by the John T. Sloper Fund of the Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley.
Beginning in April, Elant at Goshen and Elant at Newburgh will offer four, one-hour ballroom dancing classes titled, “Swinging with Seniors.” These classes are free and open to the public, and instruction will be provided by Joseph Maraday from Strictly Ballroom, based out of New Windsor. Each session will accommodate up to 24 participants on a first-come-first-served basis, including Elant residents. Seniors will have the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned within the year, in order to share the experience with the community.
“Elant’s Swinging with Seniors program is a great example of the wide scope of the arts available in Orange County,” said Susan Hawvermale, director of Orange County Tourism. “We’re delighted that seniors – and the community – will have a chance to experience ballroom dancing at Elant through our arts grant.”
Elant also received a grant from the John T. Sloper Fund of the Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley to provide support for CPR training and certification of 84 Elant employees, including RNs, LPNs and supervisors.
The fund was established and endowed with proceeds from the sale of the Sloper-Willen Community Ambulance Service, founded in 1958 by John T. Sloper, and awards grants for EMT training and emergency medical equipment. This particular program will provide emergency medical and life saving skills to Elant employees, allowing them to utilize their skills not only in the workplace, but also in the communities in which they live.
“The Elant Foundation is thrilled to have the ability to expand our programs, and to utilize local funding for the benefit of local residents,” said Melissa McCoy, Director of Corporate Initiatives. “We believe strongly in enhancing the education and skills of not only Elant’s residents and staff, but also the members of the community. We’re grateful to Orange County Tourism and the Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley for enabling us to offer such meaningful initiatives.”
For more information and to sign up for the Swinging with Seniors ballroom classes, contact Jennifer Riccardi at 845-360-1410 or at jriccardi@elant.org