Elant Residents Enjoy Benefits of Classical Music through Generous Donation

Meadow Hill receives baby grand piano from donor Marilynn Garzione

GOSHEN, N.Y. (May 28, 2013) – One woman’s passion and care for her husband through a piano will continue on for years, thanks to her generosity.


Marilynn Garzione had cared for her husband Pat for many years until his passing in 2007. He, along with Marilynn’s mother and father, had all been challenged by Alzheimer’s. Through the first years and until his passing,  Marilynn found that music was one of the most relevant elements to sooth Patrick’s days, often bringing him back in time to when a particular song was popular and serving as a source of communication for the two of them. Garzione would play the beautiful new black self-playing baby grand piano and find that certain chords or notes would evoke peaceful emotion from her husband. It was her recent desire to assure that the piano and the music continued to bring joy to others in such times in their lives.


In early 2013, Garzione reached out to Janice Valentino, Director of Marketing, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties. Valentino assured Marilynn that she would find a new home for the piano, a place where many would continue to enjoy and appreciate the music and connect them to the joy of yesteryear. Without a Hospice facility in need at the time, Valentino reached out to the organization she knew would most benefit from the donation and contacted the Elant Foundation.


On Saturday, April 20 Marilynn watched as her baby grand left the home where it once brought such joy to her and her late husband. And then, as she was assured by Valentino, on April 30, she came to sit alongside Elant at Meadow Hill residents as they listen to the piano’s self-playing, with keys moving appropriately along, and then she herself played a beautiful classical piece. She quickly knew that the love and joy the piano had conveyed to Patrick would continue to do so for years to come.


“Elant is most grateful for the generosity of Marilynn Garzione, and the collaborative spirit of Hospice of Orange & Sullivan,” said Melissa McCoy, Director of Corporate Initiatives at Elant. “In the world of not-for-profits, collaboration is a successful and well suited opportunity to meet the donor’s interests, and the needs of a community. Not only do the Elant residents benefit from the piano’s music, which fills the dining room each meal and the halls each day, but we have built a meaningful connection, whereby Marilynn and her advocacy for Alzheimer’s, and her piano playing will continue to give to others in our community for years to come.”