St. Columba Confirmation Students Spread Christmas Cheer to Elant at Goshen Residents

St. Columba Confirmation Students Spread Christmas Cheer to Elant at Goshen Residents

GOSHEN, N.Y. (Dec. 15, 2014) – Christmas cheer and merriment were delivered to six Elant at Goshen residents by the St. Columba Religious Education Confirmation class, reaffirming the goodness of young people and their desire to reach out to the elderly.

The recent visit was organized by the Rev. John Bonnici, St. Columba pastor; Susan Munks, St. Columba’s director of religious education; and Julia Whitney, Elant volunteer.

“Our parish is committed to serving the community and teaching our youth about the importance of giving back, helping and remembering others,” said Munks. “Being with these wonderful older people was a fantastic teachable moment for this Confirmation class.”

Confirmation candidates Steven Brooks, Tara Danilak, Davgil David-Gil, Giovanni Fini, Eliana Gonzalez, Gene Hewitt, Ronald Lodico, Danny Lusignan, Giancarlo Martire, Jake Miller, Brandon Nolasco, Yesibel Pimental, Brianna Ramos, Ashley Scheck, Victoria Scrobe, Jamilette Torres and Ian Williams hosted the six residents for lunch following Mass. Part of the gathering even included a visit from Santa.

Bonnici celebrated the Mass and also joined the students, teachers and guests for the luncheon afterward.

The six residents – Rose Melchiorre, Emilia Romero, Wanda Lozina, Marilyn Gallagher, Etsuko Roventine and Jean Tibbles – exchanged handmade gifts, enjoying the program and the students’ kindness and generosity.

The St. Columba Parish, located in the Village of Chester, was created in 1875 and consecrated nine years later. 


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