All donations made to the Elant Foundation, whether big or small, are greatly appreciated and will make an important difference in the lives of those in our care. There are many ways to give including cash, insurance, or bequests.  Gifts may also be made in Honor or Memory of an individual.

Gifts of Cash

You can make a direct gift to the Elant Foundation using cash, check or credit card and designate your donation to the Elant Fund or Elant Campus of your choice.

  • Memorial Gifts
  • A Guide to Planned Giving
  • Offering Thanks

Gifts of Securities

Appreciated securities that may be worth more now than when you bought them or were given them. In addition to realizing a substantial tax advantage by transferring gifts of appreciated stock to the Elant Foundation you also avoid paying capital gains tax.

Gifts of Life Insurance

When current policy beneficiaries have become self-sufficient or are otherwise adequately provided for, making a gift of a life insurance policy can be an attractive option. The Elant Foundation can be designated as a beneficiary or can become the new owner, or both, of a life insurance policy.  By donating a fully paid-up or partially paid-up life insurance policy to the Elant Foundation, you receive an immediate tax deduction, usually in the amount equal to the cash surrender value.

Bequests and Deferred Gifts

Many donors find they can give a more substantial gift through deferred giving rather than through an outright contribution.  By naming the Elant Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, you will continue to control your assets during your lifetime and your gift is exempt from federal estate tax. You can give a specific amount or a percentage of your estate. Anything you wish may be bequeathed; cash, securities, real estate etc.