The Elant Medical Practice team of physicians and nurse practitioners works side-by-side to provide individualized, person-centered care through a more intensified understanding of the residents’ and patients’ physical, medical, personal and emotional needs. The team spends a great deal of time with each resident and patient to truly get to know the individual – not only their health care needs, but also who they are as a person. These provider-patient relationships provide a significant benefit, as the clinicians can easily identify any changes in the individual’s health status, enabling the physician or nurse practitioner to start treatment early and potentially avoid an unnecessary visit to the hospital. 

In addition to providing care to our residents and patients, each physician and nurse practitioner is available to family members to discuss treatment plans or answer questions. All members of the Elant Medical Practice are on-site five days a week. During evenings and weekends, the physicians rotate through an on-call system to cover emergencies. 

The Elant Medical Practice has been very successful, as our team treats the patient or resident as a whole person and takes every aspect of the individual into consideration. As a result, we have seen a decline in the use of unnecessary medications, a reduction in hospitalizations and an increase in the resident and family satisfaction. That’s the Elant difference.